Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bees, pesticides and our future

What I'm worried about today.

Our Future

They are all interconnected. People today don't want to see this. They want to believe that we Americans have the perfect life, the perfect way of life. But we don't. We are killing ourselves, slowly granted, but surely none the less.

We think too much about money, jobs, getting ahead of the neighbor, getting a nicer car.

Now, here is where I have to be truthful. I have a 2007 Nissan. A gas guzzling SUV that is not good for our environment (but holds my teenagers). I also have a nice 1970's built brick home. Some of our things are old and some are new. We are not rich but we live comfortably. We own our own company (believe it or not....) in the oil business. I may seem, on the surface, to be blind to what's happening to Our World.

But I'm not blind. I see it everyday.

I saw a butterfly today. It reminded me of a Monarch but it wasn't one. It was too black and not big enough but it still reminded me of something: I CAN COUNT ON ONE HAND THE NUMBER OF MONARCHS I SAW THIS SUMMER! I remember as a little girl how much I loved them and how I saw them all the time. Then I remember the summer before my junior year of high school. It was 1995. It was the year the county road department sprayed the ditches with PESTICIDES. We lived out in the country on a busy road and our highway was sprayed. I very clearly remember finding dead butterflies by the hundreds..... not to mention the dead BIRDS. I remember it made our pets sick. The butterflies have never really come back since then. Who knew the road department were Murderers? I did.

So, back to the bees.

If we continue with the pesticides it will continue to weaken and kill the bees (a good article). Which in turn means they can't pollinate our crops. And that means a decline in the availability of foods which leads to higher priced food. (When I have the time I'll place a link here to some scientific info backing me up here.) So do you think the government is purposely killing our bees as a population control measure?

And here I sit, in the middle of the Heartland, surrounded by farms.... all using pesticides and herbicides. I'd bet a month's income that there isn't an organic farm within the county and possibly much farther.

For some reason, which I just don't understand, my part of the country doesn't seem interested in organic farming. The local (and only) grocery store carries one brand of organic greens (2 lettuce and 1 spinach) and a teeny tiny bit of organic packaged goods. That's it. Oh how I'd love to open a small organic co-op.

Okay, enough for today. Say a prayer for the bees and our future.