Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Raw Spirit Festival

Over the weekend I flew to Arizona to attend the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona. All I can say is that the experience was transcendental. Okay, I can say more than that…

First off, I took my sister, who was eating what she thought was a healthy SAD. I told her the trip would change her life. Well, she ate her last SAD meal Friday and is going to join the raw food movement with me. Or at the very least she is going for a 90% raw life. I’m so proud of her! Yea Sis!!! And Welcome!

Sedona itself (neither of us had been there before) was beautiful and surpassed our imaginations. We were a little surprised and shocked at how commercialized it was. I really imagined a more authentic little town.

Though, I have to admit, I loved the galleries we went to on Friday night. Because my sister is an architect and I’m an artist, the art was an unexpected bonus for us. I highly recommend going to the TERBUSH GALLERY OF SEDONA www.terbushgalleries.com . Loved not only the amazing paintings and sculptures but also the jewelry of Charles Duncan – Wow! There is a large painting by Dale TerBush on your left as you walk in the door that – if I had the money – I would have bought without thinking twice. It’s not on the website so it may be new but it just spoke to me.

So – about the RAW SPIRIT FESTIVAL! It was truly amazing. I’m not sure where to start. I heard the first year they had about 150 people, the second about 250 but this year the estimated number was 2300-2500!

I’m going to get my complaints out off the bat, just to get them out of my head.
  1. The parking situation wasn’t great. We arrived Friday about noon and were told they were out of parking. Period. The guy didn’t tell us we could park off-site and be bused in. We found that out later after we parked illegally for a few hours.
  2. The food was great (though more seeds than I’m used to). But because of all the people being fed, we ended up standing in line, sometimes for hours. That meant missing several lectures that I wanted to see.
  3. Several of the lectures/food prep people that I wanted to see were no shows. Bad on you Ani Phyo. I flew from Nebraska to learn from you. You could have at least called and canceled but no... nobody knew were you were or why you never showed up. People waited in the room nearly the entire hour waiting for you to show up. It would have been a packed room, by the way. The others that were no shows that I wanted to see had good reason, like being turned back at the airport (Kate Wood, Dorit).
  4. The “Indoor Main Stage” room was too small. I only actually got in there once because it was always packed. It was way too small for the “Raw Film Fest”. Oh, so was the “Food Demo Room”.

Other than that it was an amazing festival. Okay, now for my long list of FAVORITES in no particular order.
  1. Matthew Monarch. He was amazing, as expected. Energetic and Honest – Hardcore. My kind of guy. I agreed with everything he said that I already knew and what I learned from him hit home. I bought his book and had him sign it. After reading his book I’m going to read more on Dr. Fred Bici and Dr. Norman Walker. Congrats to Matthew and Angela Stokes on their engagement!
  2. The venders – there were tons of them. A few sold out of stuff pretty fast and many took only cash (oh and the cash machines were always empty or broken). So I didn’t get to buy as much as I wanted. And even though I took many business cards they didn’t seem to make it back to Nebraska with me. Hopefully my sister has a few.
  3. Jameth Sheridan. I hadn’t heard much about him before the festival but I was super impressed. I’m going to be reading more about him this winter.
  4. Mike Adams as MC was great but next year I want to hear him speak more!!!
  5. FOOD – It was amazing! Okay, ok, so I've never eaten raw food made by someone other than myself, so I may have been overly impressed, I don't know. I’m going to buy the Sun Kitchen book in hopes of getting the recipe of Saturday night’s soup. The wraps, nori rolls, soups, everything was great. Oh, the ice cream Sun. lunch was perfect. We missed Sunday night’s dinner because we were exhausted. I think my sister was starting to detox and I’m not used to so many nuts and seeds so it was slowing me down. So we skipped the long line for dinner and went to D’lish in West Sedona for a simple soup.
  6. David Wolfe was great but a little over the top for me. I liked Saturday’s talk but missed Sunday’s to see Matthew Monarch. I didn’t like the FACT that David is becoming commercial. I mean, come on, Goji Girl hemp clothing?! I like hemp clothing too but it just seemed too much for me. I do not consider this guy a guru only an eccentric man making money by promoting cacao. Not that I don’t too love cacao, but I’m more like Monarch, it’s more of a party drug for me. Though I’ll probably read one of his books in the near future too just because I think I need the education so I can make my own decisions about cacao.
  7. Brigitte Mars – How I missed that she lived in Boulder is beyond me. I went to both her Color Meditation and Sexual Vitality workshops but had to leave early. I will be reading her too this winter. Though I already have her RAWSOME! book.
  8. The music was great though we didn’t hear as much as we wanted because our room was off site. We left around dark each night. Next year we are staying on site to hang out more.
  9. And did I mention the vibrations? The Raw People, The Raw Food and Raw Spirit were just.... like I said before transendental.

I could go on and on… and I will on another day.

I do have one more thing… Someone (M.M.?) said that they believe 90-95% of all raw foodists, who are raw today, will not be raw in 5 years. That sure hope that’s wrong, or at least that I’m in the 5%. I believe I’ll be raw for the rest of my life. Not that I don’t sometimes want cooked food, but I know I can never eat it because I don’t want my pain to come back. I can’t imagine ever going back. I can’t go back. I won’t go back. Hah!

Bliss Forth!