Thursday, December 20, 2007

My first raw BDay cake

So I made myself my very first raw cake yesterday. It was 100% raw but not 100% organic. More like 75 % organic. The bananas and dried coconut were conventional.

Anyway, it was a Banana Chocolate Coconut Cream Cake. I did have a young Tahitian coconut (which I now realize is also non-organic) for the coconut milk. The coconut cream was to die for! I used a whole fresh/organic vanilla bean too. I could have just eaten that. The cake itself wasn't to my liking though. I didn't care for the dried coconut, but that's just my tastes. For my birthday, everyone in the family tried it with me. My youngest and middle liked it just fine. My oldest ate it but didn't care for the coconut either. And my husband has a terrible head cold and couldn't taste it, he said. I think if you like dried coconut you'd love this recipe.

If you haven't found her yet, Carmella has some amazing recipes; Sunny Raw Kitchen