Sunday, December 30, 2007

Snow, snow and more snow. Oh, and WIND

It seems like just yesterday (actually it was 3-4 years ago) I was reminiscing about my childhood. In winter the drifts could get as high as the house. You could sled all winter long. The horses were always getting out because they could just walk over the fences. Tons of school days were cancelled. I used to make igloos and snow forts. We had snowmobiles which were always a blast. And, if I was really lucky, the power would go out and we'd make pancakes in the fireplace. Yes, those were the days and they were wonderful.....


LIke most everyone else in the midwest, we are in a drought. So, yes, we do need the moisture. I'm not knocking the moisture. I don't even mind the snow so much, when it melts a little between snows. At the moment it's just piling up. And it's cold. And windy. So it's blowing the snow around now, creating nice BIG drifts. Another couple feet in the geese pen and they will be able to walk out their 6 ft chain link fence! I just hope the dogs don't figure this out.

So here are my thoughts. What if there is peak oil in my lifetime? What if I'm still living here, raising horses? I won't have gasoline to run the skid steer and without it I can't move hay or remove the 3+ feet of snow I have everywhere. I might have organic vegetables from my yet built pit greenhouse but we'll be under a thick layer of snow with nothing but a shovel to dig out. Guess I'd better plant a lot of spinach.