Friday, December 14, 2007

Snow, snow and more snow

It's been snowing on and off, mostly on, for the last week. I love snow and I'm thrilled to have a "White Christmas"..... but enough already! No, seriously, I'm glad to have the snow. My pasture was so dry, the ground was cracking and I had let the horses overgraze it a little this fall. I was wishing for a couple feet of snow to just fall STRAIGHT DOWN and cover the ground with a nice cozy blanket. I'm getting my wish. I think we have around 7-12" now and have, luckily, had very little wind to blow it around. We did have a little wind a few nights ago and it just put a crust of ice on most of the snow. Not enough I can walk on top of the snow though, I still fall through. Makes for just walking out to the barns a workout all by itself.

I splurged last night. I bought myself another pair of Carhartt bibs. I had a pair of coveralls but they were so huge on me. The crotch hung nearly to my knees so just walking was tiring. I felt/feel bad for buying a new pair when there is nothing wrong with my old pair.... but then I wore my new ones last night to feed and it really was easier. And they fit like a glove and are even warmer than my old ones. It helps that I bought the woman's cut, they just fit so well. My old ones were mens. At least I can give them to the boys to wear.

Went to WF yesterday in Fort Collins and spent $350! I nearly fainted. But I was out of everything and I'm learning to buy the biggest size to save money in the long run. I'd never have guessed I would actually use 1 lbs+ of coconut oil a month. Or a gallon of olive oil every other month. I'm finding it cheaper to order things like hemp seed, buckwheat, goji berries and olives in bulk, over the internet. I bought 10 lbs of buckwheat for something like $13.50 and that including shipping! Organic, raw and hulled. I couldn't believe it. Much cheaper and by far much FRESHER than from WF.

I'm dreaming again about my pit greenhouse. I so want it! I'm finding my cravings for fresh, organic, heirloom produce is insatiable. And what I'm buying at WF is at least organic and mostly fresh'ish. I want to pick my food fresh. Even on a day like today with it snowing outside. I want to be able to walk into my greenhouse, warm my tootsies and eat an heirloom tomato fresh off the vine. I'm just afraid my dream isn't attainable. Building this greenhouse is going to be a one time deal. My husband doesn't have the time to rebuild and rebuild. So I keep thinking I need to design it perfect the first time. My sis is an architect but I don't think she quite understands my personal wants/needs. (only because I haven't had time to sit down and tell her.) I want it to be self-sufficient. Oh, I'll have electric run to it for lights at night, but I want it to run itself (solar/thermal) in case of emergency. I recently found out the spot I picked doesn't get afternoon winter light. Some evergreens that I thought were too far away, actually shade the entire area from 3:00 p.m. until dark this time of year. So I'll have to move it. But the next best place might have shade at noon this time of year. UGH.