Friday, December 28, 2007

Surviving a Collapse

So, I bought a book. Patriots, Surviving the Coming Collapse by James Wesley, Rawles. I'm only 36 pages into the 384 page book and already here are a few things I feel I need to do/buy to be self-sufficient.

  1. WATER - We are lucky enough to have bought a place with the well attached to the house. At first it seemed a problem/pain in the butt. Now I'm glad we have it. Actually we can go into the well room through a door in the basement. Perfect. It's electric which is fine for now. But I've been thinking we should have some way to operate it without electric. I'm not talking as much pressure as we have to run the whole house. But maybe we can alter it somehow and add a hand pump or something. I actually have an authentic hand pump that is out in the backyard for decoration. I've always meant to dig it up and toss it, I'm glad I haven't. At least that would do for emergencies. To be self-sufficient we'd need something else like a windmill. We have a well out in the pasture I plan on adding a windmill to for the livestock this summer if possible. A lot of people have gone to electric pumps for their livestock so there are plenty of used windmills just laying around to purchase. The only problem with it is that it's about as far away from the house as you can get on our place.
  2. I need a HAM radio or some other short wave radio. Why not, can't cost that much to have on hand.
  3. I need better medical supplies on hand. A few band aids probably isn't enough in emergencies. I have quite a bit of stuff for foaling season but not enough for any length of time for animals and people.
Thats it for now.