Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Juicing, Raw cacao & brownie recipe

My raw life started with a juice fast. I continued juicing in addition to raw foods for 6 months or so. The last 3 have been tough. I have to force myself to juice anymore. Not that I don't love juice! I just love fresh juice! But my Champion juicer and I are not getting along. I just can't stand my juice getting even a little warm. Ok, so I add ice, no big deal, right? But it is. I don't want the juice getting warm, I worry that it's killing the important enzymes. And the stupid juicer is a pain in the butt to clean. So I've gotten out of the habit of juicing. And with that I find my body needs to replace that high amount of enzymes with something so I've been eating a lot of nuts, seeds and raw cacao.

Now, don't get me wrong, I also love raw cacao. Before becoming raw I was a huge chocoholic. No, seriously.... I was known to make a 7 layer chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache and dark frosting at least once a month in addition to many other little tid bits. I was on the verge of opening a little chocolatier shoppe. When I found out that I could still have my chocolate I thought I'd found the answer to life and happiness.

But I'm not so sure anymore. Too much cacao and I can surely feel it and it's not always a good feeling. I haven't decided for myself if cacao is addictive or not. I've heard different theories. Some believe that the addictive properties of "chocolate" is actually from the refined sugars and that raw cacao is not addictive. Some believe it is the cacao. I have always had an addiction to foods and have always been an emotional eater. So now that I'm raw I'm not sure if my current little addiction to my magic brownie bites are emotional or physical.

Magic Brownie Bites
I named them "magic" brownies after a friend who is not raw but can't eat refined sugars and hadn't eaten chocolate in 10 years. She loves them but always giggles like she's doing something really bad whenever I take her a batch (oh, and she hides them, which is really funny to watch!). For those of you who are raw, you can probably guess, they have hemp seed in them. Here is the recipe:

1 C Buckwheaties (just sprouted, dehydrated buckwheat), 1 C Goji berries, 1/2 C Hemp seed. In a food processor, blend these until not quite a powder, more like a meal.
Add: 1 C raw cacao, 2 Tbs Maca, 1/4 C Mesquite powder. Process to mix.
Add: 1/2 C coconut butter, 1/2 - 1 C dark Agave. Process until mixed well. You might need to add more coconut butter. It gets pretty heavy so you might need to mix by hand. Then roll them into little balls and I flatten them to about 1/4" thick for easier storage. Sometimes I add pieces of pecans for a change. I store them in the fridge but they taste best if allowed to warm to room temperature before eating.