Monday, January 14, 2008

raw food, travel, and cheating

I like to pride myself on not cheating on my raw food LIFESTYLE. I don't think of this as a "diet" or something temporary. This is my today, my tomorrow, my forever future.

But it IS difficult for me. Daily. I am the only person I know who is raw. I am surrounded by friends, family and loved ones who's lives revolve around eating a SAD. I used to be like them. I loved food. Really. I used to be one of those people who would try anything at least once and I actually enjoyed out of the ordinary foods. Oysters on the half shell, nearly raw red meat, and cheese, well, the stinkier, the the better! So, going out for dinner is tough. Because I still love the smell and even though I don't crave SAD anymore, I still love smelling it. And sometimes it's hard not to take an ity bity bite. And when I do have an ity bity bite, it will, inevitably, bite me in the ass! I usually get a headache first followed by a stomach ache and cramps. And, yes, I'm saying that one bite, smaller than an inch square, will make me sick. I find this encouraging that my body is pretty well detoxed but frustrating that I can't have even the smallest taste.

So I have a tendency to stay home to avoid eating out. But then again I love to travel. I enjoy getting out of the country to hang in Denver now and then. And if I end up in a city and I'm alone it's not as bad, I'll go to a Whole Foods or some such place. Not that they have a real, sit-down meal or anything, but at least it's organic and fresh. If I'm with my family, well, they have to eat too and I guarantee they want to eat someplace that smells amazing. So I sit there with them, having a salad out of iceberg lettuce, maybe an unripe cherry tomato, and if I'm really lucky a slice of cucumber. If I have the time I'll take my own dressing with me. But if I'm going to be out of town for awhile there just isn't any way to keep it fresh. And I've got to admit, even though my life (literally, my health) revolves around raw foods, I will... forget to bring dressing with me. Which leaves me to have fresh lemon slices, vinegar and oil as dressing. I just don't think about how old or even what kind of oil it is, it's just my only choice. I've eaten enough plain dry salads in the last 9 months to last a lifetime.