Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Still RAW VEGAN!!!

Just a quick catch up to other things in my life.

I am, of course, still 100% (ok, give or take 1%) raw vegan. YEA!!! I will, on occasion, sip a small glass of wine. But otherwise I'm pretty strict. For the most part, I refuse "bites" of SAD food but on two occasions I did have a tiny bite of someone's birthday cake (which of course gave me a headache and made me sick, a lot like food poisoning).

I'm no longer "no-poo". I just couldn't handle it anymore. Mainly it had a lot to do with mistakenly putting pure coconut butter in my hair a few months ago. I just couldn't get it out with salt water. So, I gave in and used shampoo. Now I'm shampooing with organic hemp shampoo about once every other week and using conditioner as a shampoo every couple days. My hair is starting to grow back. How can I tell? I have a 1" halo that refuses to lay flat. But, thankfully, it's coming back. Many people have said my hair looks normal. Only my husband, hairdresser and myself seem to notice that I've lost a third or more of my hair. Someone should warn people that when they go "raw" they might lose some hair due to the detoxification process. So, be warned!

I'm not 100% chemical free like I'd planned to be by now. It's hard to get away from windex, carpet cleaner and dish soap. Especially when my family refuses to use the natural organic because it doesn't suds like it's conventional counterparts. But on my person I'm 95% chemical free. Haven't found a good mascara yet. I'm still thrilled with our soapnuts for the laundry and no one seems to notice the difference.

I've been so wrapped up in planning my greenhouse I haven't had a chance to plan my berry patch and orchard. That may have to wait another year. But I need to get them in the ground ASAP.

I've finished the book "Patriots - surviving the coming collapse". I've got to say I'm disappointed. It started out with a great story line. In the middle the story line was still pulling through, but towards the end it just disappeared. The middle and end lost it's personality and was just a sequence of occurrences. He also lost track of his characters. Literally, he just quit talking about them as much. They became like anyone else mentioned in passing. He was tangled up in the politics of what would happen in the rebuilding of the country and just seemed to forget about the people he originally started writing about. And I had the feeling, all the way through the book, that I was missing my secret decoder ring for all the acronyms he used. However, there was a lot of good information in the book. I will be keeping it as a reference and will eventually incorporate some of his ideas into our lives in case of peak oil, economic collapse or other catastrophe.

Just a thought, or mussing, I guess. I'm raw vegan. I don't put chemicals on my body. I don't even use sunscreen. But I have a few tattoos. And the one isn't finished and I want to finish it. Plus I want to add a 2"x3" unicorn on my inside right ankle. So, if there are any raw vegans out there, what's your thought on tattoos?