Sunday, February 3, 2008

RA, Fibromyalgia and my Raw Life

As I sit here, I'm sipping on an amazingly healthy (though not terribly tasty) smoothie. One of my habits is just throwing stuff in the blender without a recipe but stuff I know my body needs at the moment. My smoothie today consists of 5 leaves kale, 2 C almond milk, handful goji berries, 1/2 C frozen cherries, 1 C frozen blackberries, heaping Tbs cacao, tsp bee pollen, tsp maca, a frozen banana and 2 dates. You'd think all the fruit and cacao would cover the kale, but not especially well.

So, today I'm just going to hang out and work on making the aches go away. I'll juice in a couple hours and several more times during the rest of the afternoon.

I told a friend recently that the fibro was completely gone and only the RA reared its ugly head on occasion. This friend said fibro is never gone and it really pissed me off that they said that to me, though I never said so. Why? Because I lied. And possibly I've been lying to everyone including myself. Oh, my raw food life has given me my life back! That is the truth!!! But sometimes, little things (and big things) can trigger a relapse. Yesterday must have been one of those days.

Yesterday I woke to my husband suggesting we go for a morning walk together. YEA!!! OMG he's actually listening to me! So we did some yoga (okay, I did yoga but he says he stretched) did some crunches and went outside to great the morning. Wow! What a brisk walk that was. I have no idea how cold it was, I'm guessing in the 20's somewhere and we then, of course, we had wind. We made it a whopping 1/2 mile into the wind and had to turn around because my tears were starting to freeze to my eye lashes. Not to mention I wasn't thinking and didn't take gloves or a heavy coat or a hat. After a 10 min hot shower I thought I might make it.

In the afternoon we moved furniture, cleaned out our bedroom and I painted both the ceiling and walls. The ceiling is called "Remember the Alamo" and the walls "Sweet Sage". Then we rearranged and put everything back together. We put new drapes up and it looks amazing. Today I was planning on painting the hallway with the remainder of the ceiling paint. I doubt that's happening.

Not only are my shoulders, back and arm muscles stiff from painting but my all my joints are bad today. Thankfully my feet are tolerable. When my feet are bad it's like walking on broken glass. But my elbows are awful. My husband just gave me a neck, shoulder and back massage which helped with the stiffness but at the same time felt as if he was rubbing me raw. I took a long hot bath this morning and all I want to do is crawl back in. Wish we had a hot tub.

Just a thought. My symptoms may be from the paint fumes themselves. I haven't changed my eating and really, the walk and the painting was not that much more than what I'd do on a normal day. It has to be from the paint fumes. Right? Anyway, I need to wrap up for today, my elbows are killing me.