Friday, April 25, 2008

Updated Pit Greenhouse Plans

After visiting the Cheyenne Botanical Gardens in Cheyenne Wyoming and reading more of Shane Smith's book Greenhouse Gardener's Companion I've revamped my design.

I was very, very impressed with the Cheyenne Botanical Gardens (CBG). With our weather I'm so happy to know you can have a wholly solar greenhouse! I took some photos of CBG and made a link to their site above. If you're ever in Wyoming, believe me, it's worth the trip to see it.
I was most interested in their use of thermal mass storage. In their tropical area they use the clear cylinders with tinted water. But in the other areas they use the black (oil) barrels of water, which is what I plan on using. They painted their southern wall barrels white on the north side for reflection. I won't have southern barrels because my southern wall will be below ground level, using nature's insulator (earth) for thermal mass.