Monday, May 5, 2008

Back to Juicing

Lately I've been eating lots of heavy foods, like the wonderful pie I made over the weekend. I love pies, sauces, smoothies, etc made with nuts. However too many nuts and I feel sluggish and heavy not light. So last night I decided to spend a couple days just juicing. Not a juice fast/feast because whenever I say I'm going to do one I end up not...

So this morning I had for breakfast 10 carrots, 2 celery and 1 med. beet. Not bad at all!

When I finished juicing that I made myself my mid-morning snack and kept it in the fridge till now. So some of the beet and carrot were still in the juicer... then I juiced 1/2 pineapple, 1" of ginger root and added the water from a fresh coconut. The beet and carrot leftovers colored what is usually a pretty pale yellow juice to this beautiful reddish peach color. I'm pretty sure I won't be juicing ginger and adding to coconut ever again but it's a great idea to color the pineapple and coconut with a tad bit of beet and carrot to give it this beautiful color. Something fun and different for today.