Sunday, May 4, 2008

Conentrated Solar Power

I can't stop thinking about CONCENTRATED SOLAR POWER.

I think about peak oil and then I think, "How can we continue living with any similarity to our current quality of life if we don't plan for our future?" What life will my children have? What life will my grandchildren have?

I know my children think I'm wacky, I'm some sort of hippie and I worry about the future for nothing. But when they are older then they can look back and remember that at least I wasn't ignorant.

Here are a few links that I've read about concentrated solar power....
This article is written by Mike Adams. He was an MC at the Raw Spirit Festival last year and I really like him. He also has his own website that I just LOVE.... it's called Natural News and it has the best comics... I'm always printing them out, taping them all over my house and giving them to people.

These two links are about putting concentrated solar energy plants in the southwest.