Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Spring Fruit & Cream Pie in the RAW

Mango Papaya Coconut Cream Pie w/Raspberry Frosting

I got this recipe from "Living Cuisine" by Renee Loux
  • I used her Almond Vanilla Crumble Crust but it was a little too moist so I added some dried raw coconut which gave it a wonderful taste.
  • I did not use her coconut cream recipe though because I have one of my own I like better and doesn't have MORE dates in it.
  • For the raspberry frosting I didn't quite follow the recipe either. Again, I felt there was too many dates so I used agave and didn't put a beet in it either.
  • Her recipe calls for layering mango on the crust, covering with the coconut cream, layering that with papaya and covering the whole thing with the raspberry frosting.
I've found out in the past few weeks that no matter how I fix papaya.... I just don't like them. Maybe I have the wrong kind, maybe they are overly ripe, I don't know. They are just bitter! I keep picking the papaya out of the pie but otherwise it's WONDERFUL!