Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm back!!!

Not only am I finally able to blog again but I'm back to being 95-100% RAW! Yea!!! It's been a long and difficult road, that's for sure.

In my last post I was still thinking I could just be partically raw and get away with eating cooked veggies. But after a just a month or two I found out that I can't live partially raw. I have to be as perfect as possible or else the RA (but not the Fibro as far as I can tell) come back. And I might add here, they came back with a vengance. From the moment I noticed my joints swelling and a little acheness it only took a week to be nearly as bad as I was before I started. I kept telling myself it was the flu or the stress of my new job but it was the RA and not being 100% RAW. I think it was that it came on so fast and so hard that scared me the most. It took a couple weeks of juicing and being perfect for it to ease up. And I went through it getting worse before it got better again too.

So I'm back to being just shy of 100% RAW. It's hard. I want to eat steamed broccoli, vegatarian ravioli, cheese pizza. BUT I CAN'T! Not if I want to feel amazing. Not if I want to be 100% me again. And especially if I don't want to be in pain. I've learned the past 6 months to live with a lot of difficulties that before I wouldn't have dreamed I'd be strong enough to deal with, but I can't live in pain.

On a side note, here is a photo of my Christmas dinner. RAW LASAGNA. It was amazing! This is the kind of stuff that makes raw realistic!!!