Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Problems being raw in Texas

I'm gonna admit to having some problems.

When I first became raw I was working at home. It was easy to control what and when I ate. Or maybe I should say it was easy because I didn't have to worry about control, I could juice or eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I also lived in a small town with few restaurants. It was easy not to eat out. When I needed raw organic foods the local grocery didn't carry organic and their "fresh" was just plain bad most of the time so it was easy to wait for the twice a month trip to Whole Food Market in Fort Collins CO, 1.5 hours away.

Now that we live in Texas and I'm working full time I'm finding many problems. First off, working full time and a commute of about 45 min. Where I work they have a free cafeteria with a "salad bar" consisting of iceburg lettuce, tomatoes, bacon bits, cheese and dressings. I try to bring my own dressing and/or food but I'm so busy getting ready, making my morning smoothie and taking care of 4 dogs that I often forget or simply run out of time. And I'm not getting up any earlier, I'm already getting up at 5:30. So I find myself very, very hungry. But more importantly - UNDER NURISHED!
Then 3 days a week my youngest has swim team practice so I have to drive home to pick him up then return back to town for practice, wait an hour then drive home again. We get home between 7:30 - 8 pm at night. On those nights, I'm so starved by the time I get home I just eat and eat and eat... then with all the raw food running thru my viens I'm so wired I can't sleep till after midnight. Or worse, I don't eat raw because I'm fixing my family pasta or something so I end up eating cooked vegetarian.

So, as hard as I try, things here are much much harder. All the fancy restaurants, the lack of a Whole Foods, the limited organic available, my work, the driving/commuting... it's all almost too much to stay as perfectly raw as I NEED TO BE. And I need to be 100%. I wish I didn't. I'd like a good baked sweet potato now and then. But for the sake of my elbows (which are killing me at the moment), my hips, my knees, my shoulders... not to mention my HANDS & FEET. ugh!

This morning I juiced 10 carrots, 1 zucchini, 1 beet, 1 apple and 4 big leaves of kale. But because that took so long I didn't get a cacao smoothie made for a mid morning snack. And I didn't have time to make dressing for lunch. So I'm drinking cup after cup of herbal tea, hoping that by lunch I'll be happy with dry lettuce, an apple I did manage to bring and a kombucha. And for dinner tonight I hope I have the reserve not to grab a slice of bread just to stop the hungar pains until I can make something raw. All the while, making dinner for the rest of the family, who requested chili tonight.

Good news though. I planted potatoes for my family and stared a plot for veggies a few weeks back. Eventually I'll have some of my own mostly organic and heirloom veggies from my own garden. YEA! I was thrilled to find out we could start gardening so early here in East Texas.