Monday, February 23, 2009

Coconuts & Art Therapy for $12.00

Coconuts: Saturday the boys and I drove into Arlington to the Whole Foods Market.... to buy 10 Young Tahitian Coconuts (and other great things). Now, I know they are not organic. They are, of course, raw- but very seriously and definately not organic. Dipped in bleach or formaldyhd and probably sprayed with antifungal equals non organica. But they are my guilty pleasure, or more acurately they are my guiltless pleasure, my free ride on the dessert highway, my one and only replacement for comfort food.
Here is the recipe for what I prefer do with them.

Coconut Cream
handful of soaked cashews
water from one coconut
meat from two coconuts
1 heaping TBS coconut butter/oil
1/2 vanilla bean, scraped
Agave to taste (couple TBS)
Blend till smooth. Put in covered container in fridge and let sit for a couple hours or overnight.
I serve it many ways:
  • dolloped on top of a mixture of oranges and dates
  • over fresh berries
  • add a bit more coconut butter and use as frosting for a cake/cookies. This thicked mixture can also be used like a cheesecake type filler on top blended dates & brazil nuts. I like to add berries when I add the extra coconut butter and make something like blueberry cheesecake
  • freeze it then put through a Champion juicer with blank to make ice cream
  • But my favorite way is with a spoon, in front of the tv, eating it directly out of the bowl, like I'm doing something bad.

Art: Lately I've been doing something different. I'm actually painting. All the art supplies I've collected and carefully preserved over the years are still in boxes in my parents shop in Nebraska. I also have several new canvases, new oils, my easel. Everything an artist needs including glitter. Yet after years of buying with the intent of using I've only created a few pieces. But a couple weeks ago I had to paint. So I went out to buy supplies but couldn't make myself spend any amount of money because I already own full sets of watercolors, acrylics, oils, and pastels. So I spent $12 total on a 12 color watercolor pan set, 4 basic brushes and 10 sheets of watercolor paper. And now, NOW that I have a whole $12 invested, NOW I'm painting. And I'm not caring what I paint. Strawberries, a bird, a fairy's face and hair, the intricate pattern of a wood grain and I've had this crazy urge to paint my brindle great dane's tiger pattern without painting him. Thats part of what I've been exploring: painting nothing really, just little things here and there that catch my attention or I see in my mind. And do you know what I've found out? That I'm good. I forgot I was ever that good. Actually, was I ever this good? I think it's because I'm not planning on doing a completed painting. I'm just painting. No stress to be good, just me, messing around. I LOVE IT. I forgot how liberating, how amazing it feels to create something 100% my own without anyone's input. I've been in graphic art/advertising so long that I think I'd forgotten how good it feels to make something beautiful and to know that the design is all mine. All the flaws, all the beauty, all the color, it's all me. And it only cost me $12.