Saturday, March 28, 2009

Trying new places for fresh foods

For the past month I've been driving by this new little store in east of downtown Tyler on Hyw 31/Front Street. It's called 2 Hermanas Fruiteria. Last week I finally stopped and was rewarded with a bag of beautiful and perfectly ripe champagne mangos. They also had perfect pineapples, amazing avocados and terrific tomatoes. I bought some fresh cilantro and went home and had fresh guacamale on celery. Now, as amazing as it was, I DID pay for eating the tomotes the next morning. As much as I love tomatoes and peppers, because of my RA and Fibro, they don't seem to love me back. I've felt it in my elbows for the rest of the week. Today is finally better.

Today we stopped by Import Emporium Asian Market on the WSW Loup 323 and I was rewarded with 8 fresh, FRESH (as in no mold on the outside!) young Tahitian Coconuts! And I didn't even have to drive to Dallas to get them. When I got to the counter the lady didn't seem especially thrilled to sell me her entire inventory of coconuts. She recommended that next time I want a lot of them (and when won't I?) I should call her on Tuesday mornings before she drives to Houston and she can pick up a case of 9 for me at cost. YEA!!!! I'm not sure why she offered this but I'm thrilled. Maybe I misunderstood, but even if she still marks them up the price is much cheaper and less stressful than driving to WF in DFW.

As far as being raw this week. I've been good and not good. The days I didn't think about being raw I was perfect. The days I woke up thinking "I HAVE to be 100% today" I failed, miserably. Though work has been very stressful lately. Our first big fundraiser of the year is next week and stressed and swamped. One afternoon when I was especially crazed by a co-worker I ate a child's size bag of gummie fruits then went home to eat homemade cookies. I woke with a migrain the next morning. I haven't had a migrain in a year or possibly since I went raw. What was I thinking? I wasn't. I was needing an emotional barrier between this co-worker and myself and I didn't have any coconut cream on hand. Though I'm a raw foodist I still haven't managed to get over being an emotional eater. I doubt that will ever change. Though I can hope.

Ok, time to go. We are seeing "I Love You Man" in a little bit and my kids are reading over my shoulder as I type. It's very annoying!