Monday, March 23, 2009

Gardening, Horses & the Edom Cafe

Yesterday we gave back 2 yearling fillies we were making payments on. It was tough. Too tough for me I couldn't be there when they picked them up. Makes me sad and MAD. We'd paid off all but $166 of the one filly and I gave my husband the cash to pay the guy but the man insisted since we didn't make full payment of both horses he was picking up them both. So the guy made $1084 off of us and we fed his horses for 5 months. Yea, we got screwed, he got the better deal. What an ass...

While this was taking place I got my butt out of there (so my mouth wouldn't get the best of me) and went to Blue Moon Gardens in Edom, TX. I love that place. I bought a couple heirloom tomato plants and several herbs including rosemary, lavendar, lemon balm & purple sage. Tomorrow night I'll transplant the cilantro, basil, thyme and chives I've grown from seed on my window sill. Oh, I almost forgot! I bought a blueberry bush! Now I need to go back next weekend and buy another variety (they were out) so they can pollinate each other. We also planted corn and our potatoes are up. Planted marigolds between rows too. Everything except the marigolds are heirloom/organic. Not using any chemicals but using a lot of old dried horse manure.

After that busy day we decided not to cook so we went to the Edom Cafe. The chef was nice enough to make me a special plate of mixed veggies and a bowl of strawberres and grapes. I was thrilled he went to the trouble. It's always a blessing to actually eat with my family when we go out to dinner together. It's not so much fun when I'm sitting there eating a dry salad.