Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday, Coconuts & Green Smoothies

Last Sunday we had visitors.... two Bald Eagles! Aren't they beautiful!

I'm hanging at Brookshire's coffee house this morning with my boys. After this we're going shopping for dog food, flea drops, equine wormer, rolled oats (for the horses), raw cashews and young Tahitian coconuts from the Chinese market. Though I'm thinking of getting my hair highlighted (it's Spring after all). Then back here to buy groceries for the week.

I'm feeling more positive this morning. I ate raw all week and was feeling great then last night had a spinach quesadila which made me sick within only a few bits. So I've learned my lesson I think. RAW IS REALLY THE BEST FOR ME. I don't care what everyone else says. I don't believe and will never change my mind that raw food really is the best for my own body. People can say and believe what they want. Cooked food may be fine for them or maybe Storm is right. Everyone is just so addicted to cooked food they just can't accept that it's bad for them. SAD is just that very, very sad (standard american diet). My beloved cheese is the worst for me. I may love the taste but it just doesn't work for me anymore. Meat, I don't even like touching and the thought of biting into a piece of muscle from anything just makes me sick. So I'm happy being a vegetarian. And my body prefers being vegan.... but the best of all is raw vegan. Raw vegan does truly make my RA stay away. Keeps the fibromyalgia out of my life and really does make me a happier and less pessimist person.