Thursday, April 23, 2009

Raw Food Movement

The last week I've been spending more time re-researching raw/living foods theories.

For the past year I've been so wrapped up in my own rollercoaster life to keep up. What I've found is that there seems to be a bit of strife in the movement. Some people believe you can eat any and all in as big amounts as you choose as long as it's all raw. Others believe you need to keep your fats down to only 20% of your total intake. Others have very regimented beliefs that seem too hard to follow, at least for me.

When I went to the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona in 2007 I was inspired by all the amazing raw fooders. And yes, there was some differences in what people thought was the ultimate in raw foodizm. But it didn't seem to be such a big of a difference as it does now.

Yet we are all raw fooders.

I was reading an article yesterday by a man, can't remember his name or the link, who just trashed the raw food movement (and he is a raw fooder). The beliefs that all raw food is good for you. I'm not opposing him, I actually agree with him. But what I was upset about is how he trashed, as I'm quoting him, the "gurus" of raw food such as David Wolf. Now I'm not disagreeing that David is a little of a flake-but Hey, I'm a flake. And besides who can't like David's amazing personality. No matter what he is or what he believes he is still a great example the raw spirit and the possibilities of our lifestyle.

What I'm getting at is this: We are all raw fooders and we are still a fringe movement going against the masses of SAD. Come on Ya'll, lets just get along! I'm not saying we all have to agree but I am saying that I believe we should stick together not stick each other in the back.