Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Anniversary coming up

My two year anniversary of being raw is coming up on the 7th. It doesn't look like I'll be hanging with a bunch of like minded raw foodists anytime soon. I thought about having some friends over and serving raw food in addition to what my family likes. Truth is that I just don't want to go through the hassle of making two full meals all by myself. I miss those days of family gatherings where my sister and sister-in-laws and maybe some of my nieces would all squeeze into the kitchen together, drinking wine and cooking together. The last time we did that was at my house Easter of last year, 2008. I was seriously raw then and I'm almost positive I didn't drink but I still had a great time.

Hum, just looked out the window to see this tiny bird with this HUGE bug in it's beak. The bug was 1/4 the size of the bird, easy. That's East Texas for ya.

I bought some coconuts the other day and used them all for coconut cream. It was a massive batch. I added a dash of cinnamon to the second half and yum... was that good! So good that I ate one entire container last night for dinner. I still have 2 big containers left. I'm thinking of making a pie or cake for my anniversary. I've made a lot of pies lately. Haven't made a cake since my first raw birthday 1 1/2 years ago. But it wasn't good enough to repeat. I may have to surf the web for some better/newer recipes.

GoneRaw.com I was a member of that site since just after going raw. Then we moved to Texas and my email was linked to my old internet provider so I've been unable to get on that site. I started a new account but all my old recipes and forum posts were under my old username (a difference of Aleta vs aleta) but still it bothered me I couldn't access my own stuff. So I sent email to the site asking if they could let me access my old account I didn't want to use the new one. So what did they do? They deleted both ids off their site. Makes me mad enough I don't ever want to use their site again. But I got terrific recipes off that site. And there was tons of knowledge there. Plus most of my raw history was on those forums under my original sign on. Just a speck in the scope of the universe but still a thorn in my side.