Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 1 of Master Cleanse

7:15 am
I was so excited to start this morning that I decided to do a salt flush to get all of last night's meal out of my system. I'd eaten raw creamed spinach pasta (made with cashews) which was great but lately most nuts, other than almond milk, have been seriously bothering my stomach. I woke this morning with a bloated tummy and feeling a little sick. So now that THAT'S over I really do feel so much better. Now I'm going to soak in a hot tub to get my joints warmed up so I can get going and get to work. Oh, and I'm going to fix 4 servings of the lemonade to take to work today. I'll let you know how it tastes.

12:38 pm
Well, I'm not thrilled with the taste, that's for sure. I just guessed at the amount of cayanne so maybe I need to be more exact. Plus I'm using recycled GT's kombucha bottles and I didn't expect lemonade to be brownish yellow. Maybe I'll get used to the taste.

I feel okay.... I have a headache brewing. Hasn't gotten too bad yet. I don't know if it's written anywhere on whether or not pain medication is okay but I don't feel I should. About 6 months after I first went raw I had quit all prescription medication for my RA, Fibro, chronic migraines and the hysterectomy I'd had at 30 for uterine cancer. With those I also pretty much quite all OTC pain meds too. Over the last 1.5 years since then I've gradually increased my usage of naproxim soduim and acedaminaphin much to my dissapointment. I'm hoping with this cleanse I'll not only be able to go full raw again without cravings but also be able to stay away from OTC meds.

3:05 pm
Just found out my friend got us tickets to Miranda Lambert's Paw for the Cause on the 17th - which I was VERY EXCITED about. But... that will BE my 10th day and I was hoping to go longer. Tickets come with dinner and 3 glasses of wine. Before today I would have had a few glasses and possibly eaten cooked vegan (plus dessert!) Now though.... I'm thinking this will be more difficult than I expected and I won't want to mess it up. I keep thinking maybe I'll stop today (a half day, I've hardly started anyway) and start after the event. But if I do that I might postpone again and again. So I really do want to continue. Still bummed though. But excited at the same time that I get to go to her concert and possibly buy something at the silent auction that will benefit the animals. And as a bonus I get to see how a huge fund raiser is run by a celebrity (or the company she hired to run it).

3:50 pm
Was hungry so had another serving. Now I have a stomach ache! But the headache isn't as bad anymore.

8:34 pm
Around 6pm I was still hungry even with the stomach ache so for lack of knowing what to do I drank some more lemonade. I've hardly had any water today so maybe that's the problem. My problem is that at work the tap water is nasty so my only other choice is single serve bottled water which even though it's bad for you I refuse to drink because of the waste more than anything. So I'm home and I have some of our water which still isn't great but better. I finally feel better. But hungry! I know I have a box of spring lettuce in the fridge and I just want to grab a handful it and eat it plain. I went out to the garden and weeded my four types of basil and was tempted to eat a few leaves. I'm going to make the Smooth Move tea and go to bed with a book so I'm not tempted to eat that tomato that keeps staring at me when I open the fridge. I drank about 40 oz of lemonade or 5 servings. I guess I should have made more. Tomorrow being Saturday I'll make and drink a lot more!