Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day 2 of Master Cleanse

11:42 am
Drank my tea last night. Slept great and woke up fine this morning, didn't have to run to the bathroom or anything. Drank my salt water this morning about 8. Within 20 min it was working and didn't stop until 10:15. There is no way I can do this in the mornings before work. Maybe I'll try it at night starting around 8 pm then I can go to sleep by 10.

Made up 2 qts this morning per directions I found on the internet:
14 tbs Lemon Juice
14 tbs Maple Syrup
1/2 tsp Cayenne
2 qts water

IT'S TOO HOT!!! It hurts my throat going down and it tastes worse than yesterday's.
Now I don't know what to do. It' not nearly as pleasant as yesterday and I could hardly choke down that. How am I do drink 2 qts today?

As far as my rheumatoid arthritis flare I've been having the last week. It's not any worse. It may be a tiny bit better. It does hurt to type and my elbows are a disaster. My knees, feet and ankles are much better and my hips are the same.

5:05 pm
I'm not sure how to describe what's going on with me... but I'm depressed. Now I do have a ton of personal stuff going on that I don't write about and that may be causing some of the depression. Seriously though, the morning was okay. By 2pm I just had had enough and I went to bed. I only got out a few minutes ago to get my laptop to bring back to bed to type this. It's not that I slept the whole time. I've been listening to music, daydreaming, napping on and off. I wrote in my journal. My husband called to check on me and he immediately caught on to my tone. What do I say, yea I should sound depressed because I am. I wish I could turn off the sun and hibernate for a few weeks. That's how I feel.

When I went out to the dining room to get my mac the boys were warming up the meatloaf I'd made for them a few days ago. The smell was INTENSE. I haven't eaten meat since July 28th, 2007 and that one tiny bite of prime rib didn't even make it down before my salad came up. Before that I hadn't had meat since I went raw May 7, 2007. Lately I've gotten so bad with meat that the boys nearly have to beg for me to make something that requires me to touch it. I'm okay picking up a chicken breast with a fork and putting in the pan but meatloaf requires serious touching - which just turns my stomach. So I was completely caught off guard when the leftover, micowaved meat smelled good. I grabbed my mac and almost ran back to bed, throwing the door closed behind me so the smell wouldn't follow me. I'm not saying some cooked food doesn't still smell amazing to me, like fresh baked bread, cake, pie or even a meatless Italian dish.

Oh, on a side note. Last week I made spaghetti for the family. Then baked meatballs. The intention was to cheat and have a small bowl of meatless spaghetti and have the boys put the meatballs on their own. What I didn't realize was that my husband had put them in and stirred well enough I didn't see them when I got my small scoop. I'm still not sure how I managed to not get a meatball but I didn't see any but in that one bite all I could taste was blood. OMG it was awful! And that was just from the juices mixed it, I didn't even get the meat. So the meatloaf smell - smelling good, surprised the hell out of me.

You know how they say it's a craving if you want something, like, let's say peanut butter silk pie but it's hunger if you want a plain salad. I WANT A PLAIN SALAD. I'D DRINK PLAIN WARM KALE JUICE RIGHT NOW AND BE THANKFUL. I'm looking out my bedroom window watching Bridgett (one of my mares) eating the spring grass and I'm thinking how fresh and green it's looking, I wonder what it tastes like juiced. And I'm only on day 2. Day 3 should be interesting. I know I'm not using as much cayenne tomorrow, thats for sure. I feel like I have a sore throat but I know its just the lemonade (water doesn't hurt).