Thursday, May 14, 2009

The End of the Master Cleanse

6:45 am
Finally I got a full night's sleep! No sleep disturbances, no waking up at 4am to cramps and nausea, no drinking salt water at 5am, no sitting on the toilet for 1.5 hrs.

Here is why I'm quitting the Master Cleanse:
  • I awoke again, as nearly every morning to swollen fingers and retained water.
  • I have never had a problem with retained water on a juice feast or 100% pure raw food lifestyle!
  • I awoke again to the shakes (hypoglycemia)
  • I haven't had a problem with my hypoglycemia since I went raw 2 years ago! I wasn't even having problems before I started the MC.
  • I haven't lost weight (ok, 1 pound)
  • When I was 100% raw I lost 80 lbs. I only gained 15 lbs back after I started working at a desk full time plus I started cheating with grains and sweets.
  • My rheumatoid arthritis isn't significantly better. My elbows and hands are killing me this morning.
  • When I first went raw 2 years ago the RA was significantly better within a few weeks. Why continue with these other symptoms on the MC when I know a raw lifestyle will make me feel so much better in the same amount of time?
I have noticed only ONE significant change: I lost some of my little "baby belly". But I didn't have it when I was raw, I only got it back after eating grains and sweets.

Here is what the MC DID do for me:
I am now 100% committed to being 100% RAW again. I know that works for ME.

The Master Cleanse may work great for other people. It may help people who need more detox or who are not hypoglycemic. (I hate using this word, this ailment over and over - I'd practically forgotten I'd ever been hypoglycemic - raw had cured me of this!)

I'm going to juice me several grapefruit (no oranges in the house) for breakfast. I'm going to juice something green (lettuce, zucchini, cucumbers) for lunch. I know the enzymes won't be 100% by lunch but I just don't have a choice. I plan on going on a juice feast now, as much as I can while working. I KNOW that works for me. I'm so disappointed in the Master Cleanse.... but I'm totally committed to the RAW LIFESTYLE now! So good did come of this.

3 pm
I juiced 2 grapefruit and was only able to drink 1/3 of it. It gave me a tummy ache. So I waited until lunch and started sipping on my spinach, cucumber, zucchini juice that I watered down 1/3 just so it wouldn't be hard on me. Now I feel much better! My joints are still achey but overall I do feel better. The shakes have almost completely gone away. I'm not feeling bloated and my fingers are feeling normal. Yea!