Friday, May 15, 2009

How getting off MC affected my hypoglycemia

Yesterday was a good day overall. I think the grapefruit juice first thing might have been a mistake because it gave me a slightly upset tummy. Afternoon went well with the green juice. It was much easier on my stomach. Didn't have anything last night for dinner because I just wasn't hungry. Did have a cup of hot herbal tea before bed while watching Gray's. Went to bed kinda late and was woke several times to our year old great dane tearing up our kitchen trash.

This morning I awoke with all the classic hypoglycemia problems. Dizzy, irritable, nearly fainted on the way to the shower and I was super weak. It was awful. I knew the maple syrup in the MC wasn't good for me! I managed to make myself lemon spinach soup and brought half for lunch today. Didn't have any oranges so I ate a banana very slowly. Before I was half through I felt amazingly better. Haven't had any trouble the rest of the day.

I want to note here something important to me: I did not wake with retained water! My hands and feet were not puffy and didn't ache. This is a big deal!

Here is the recipe for the soup:

Lemon Basil Spinach Soup
juice of 2 Lemons
4 cups Spinach
handful fresh Basil (I used 3 types plus 2 sprigs oregano)
2 cups Water
1 Avocado
1/4 of a Nori sheet
Blend until smooth.
It was pretty good for just coming up with it out of the ingredients in my fridge and garden. Nice, light, fresh. None of the ingrediants seemed overpowering. I'd like to see something chopped in it next time. Though I was going for a pure soup for transitioning back to solid foods.
I really want to eat fruit tomorrow so I'll go to the farmer's market tomorrow morning. I'm hoping for blueberries, mangos, oranges. Plus I'd really like some cucumbers. Though I do have one growing in my garden. Hummm. I might eat it for dinner if it looks ready. Yum!
A note about Braggs Amino Acids: I used to use Nama Shoya then I heard Braggs was better now I hear Braggs is bad. I'm just going to quit using both. Though I'm going to miss it.