Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Microwaves & microwaved water

About a year ago I found some articles on Natural News about microwaves. (Oh, while you're on that site look around for the comics an check out the "Adventures of Vita-Man". It's hilarious!) After that I posted on this blog that I didn't want to have a microwave in the house anymore. So I took our nearly new microwave and hid it in the garage from my children and husband. A few weeks later one of the boys found it and tried to bring it back in the house. I refused so they plugged it in the garage. I thought they'd use it a lot but they really didn't. When we moved to Texas I had no intention of every buying one. Unfortunately the house came with one built in above the stove. So now everyone uses it all the time. I am even guilty of using the microwave at work for tea this past winter because it was always so darned cold in my office. I knew better but that didn't stop me.

Now here is what I found today while I was home in bed.

A very interesting science experiment done by a girl in junior high on how microwaved water affects plants vs normal water.

Nothing else needs be said after you see those pictures.