Thursday, May 7, 2009

My 2nd Anniversary is today! Yea!

Today I'm going to finish up my batch of coconut cream, eat all the lettuce in my fridge and make myself a raw creamed spinach casserole.

After work I'm going to buy all the ingredients for my Master Cleanse.

Tomorrow I will start what I hope will be a 10 - ? day cleanse! I'm so excited!!!!

I've already decided that when I do come off I will then do at least 3 days of juice feasting. Then I will ease myself into a limited raw lifestyle again. But this time I have a few things I'm going to stay away from. These items I believe are what helped to push me back into cooked vegan.

  • I will use coconut butter/oil only for coconut cream. I will not put it in my morning smoothies.
  • I will not be making cacao smoothies for breakfast anymore. They are too hard on me and cause me to crave coffee (I can't figure this one out.)
  • Limited avocados and olive oils.
  • Limited nuts.
Things I want to learn to like better:
  • Sprouts, seeds, beans and sea veggies