Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Present to Myself - the MC!

I've decided how to celebrate my 2 year anniversary! Yea! I'm so happy I've found my answer.

I'm going to do a MASTER CLEANSE

When I went raw two years ago I started with an 8 day juice feast. A month later I did another one and since then I've done several more. All with amazing results. I actually recommend them highly to anyone who either has the time or works from home.

However, since I now commute 45 minutes and work full time it is impossible for me. I've tried several times to go on a juice feast with no luck. I juice in the mornings and drink only water all day only to get home so hungry I eat everything in site (and some of it is NOT raw though still vegan). I've thought about juicing and bringing it to work but most of the enzymes would be gone by lunch so why bother. I've thought carrying my Champion juicer around with me but seriously, the thing is heavy and way to akward for that. I need to go on a fast though - desprately! I'm re-addicted to the occasional cooked foods such as a slice of wheat bread, a plate of steamed or sauted veggies and the worst yet is these southern desserts I've been drawn to. Not that I'm terrible by any means. These little indescretions seem like nothing to most people. Everyone I know thinks I'm a fruit cake as it is. But I'm not happy with me. I've gained 10 lbs, my RA has shown it's face and threatens me daily, my emotions are on a rollercoaster ride and to be honest, I just feel blah. I miss that raw spirit! I miss the energy and focus and lightness of being 100% raw and detoxed. Plus I want to rid my body of these awful devilish cravings.

So a Master Cleanse is in my future!

The only thing I don't know about is the maple syrup. I don't think I agree about it and I'm unsure how my hypoglycemia is going to react to it. I'll let you know.