Monday, May 18, 2009

Public Events & Raw Foodist=Don't Mix

Yesterday I attended Miranda Lambert's "Cause for Paws" fund raiser in Tyler, TX. It was a beautiful event. At least 200 people attended which made for a very personal concert. I enjoyed Miranda and Blake Shelton singing together, they make a nice couple.

I think they went overboard on the wine tasting though. Each person received 4 tickets and had the option to buy more. If you were a VIP or Media you also had access to an open bar. If you wanted water or pop you had to buy it. There were several restaurants handing out food but they only served small, pretty tidbits which obviously was not enough for the amount of alcohol consumed.

Raw foodist can also guess how much food there was for us. If I'd have been a normal ticket holder there would have been... NOTHING I could have eaten. However, since I went with a friend who was media we were allowed in the VIP room where I had the choice of: grapes, strawberries, tomatoes, celery and carrots. After a half glass of wine I was afraid the alcohol would go straight to my head so I caved and ate a few of the only cooked vegetarian hor d'oeuve available (VIP's only, not to general public), a spinach puff roll. I only slightly regret eating them. I do regret drinking the wine (only 2) because I am pretty sore today. Alcohol and Rheumatoid Arthritis just don't mix.