Monday, June 22, 2009

A classic favorite "Pesto Pasta" by Juliano

This is (mostly) from Juliano's Raw Uncook Book. It was the second raw food recipe book I bought after Ani's Raw Food Kitchen. I was still so new at raw food that these two books completely overwhelmed me....

"Soak what? What is that anyway? Overnight? Well, I'm hungry now! Guess I can't fix that - ever."

So after a couple years of getting into the habit of keeping soaked nuts around and getting tired of the same few dishes every week, I've started making different things. Recipes I wouldn't normally even try for fear I wouldn't like the taste and they'd end up a waste.

Now, this recipe is not outlandish by any means. It's just a simple Pesto Pasta. I've made pesto from many different people's recipes. I've even concocted my own. But I have to admit there is something to Juliano's that I really like. Maybe it's the two kinds of nuts instead of just pine nuts. I don't know. I also love that Juliano puts so many veggies in his recipes. I remember at first thinking "do I really need all of these?!" And of course, you do not, but for as many times as I've had Pesto Pasta I've never spent the time putting so many veggies in it. And again, I have to admit.... It's much better this way.