Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I'm sitting here at the office, working on the layout of our summer magazine, listening to Curtis Stigers and drinking a Multi-Green Kombucha by GT's. All of the sudden I realized what a Kombucha whore (please excuse my language!) I've become. I honestly don't know how many I've drank.... a couple hundred at the least. And at a minimum of $2.50 each it really staggers the mind.

I'm not positive when I discovered them, sometime between when I went raw May 2007 and the Raw Spirit Fest in Sedona, AZ Fall 2007. So for two years I've been drinking at least one a week and sometimes one a day. Sure, there have been weeks I've gone without too. Still, when I think about all the money I just cringe.

I've tried drinking other things... like water. When I lived in Nebraska we had our own well and it was great water. We didn't treat it but I did have filters on it so it was pretty pure stuff. Very tastey. Here in Texas though it's a different story. We are hooked up to the water district and the pipes to the house are poly pipe. After 10 months our water still tastes like plastic and I know it's treated. We currently buy our drinking water in big 5 gallon jugs. It's a love/hate relationship. My goal is to eventually put in our own well but we just can't afford it at the moment - which also drives me crazy. I'd sooooo love to be off the grid. I thought moving to Texas where our growing season is better would help get us off the grid more. It seems we are MORE on the grid here with not only the water issue but the fact we are all electric. Just makes me so sad what I'm doing to the earth.

As a raw foodist the choice of drink doesn't include much. Water, fruit juices, smoothies, kombucha. Fruit juices and smoothies need made fresh for optimum enzyme intake. Kinda difficult to have those at work. The water at work is just as bad... which leads me to just not drinking anything all day long. So I buy kombucha. It's a vicious circle I'm in, I tell ya!