Monday, June 29, 2009

Misplaced Coconut

When I made my Granita yesterday I didn't use any of the coconut meat. My plan was to save it for making coconut cream yesterday afternoon.

My husband has started a new job and works mostly nights. I miss sleeping with him but I actually get to spend MORE time with him now. Yea!

Yesterday after I fixed my drink and cleaned up Navada's mess, my husband and I cleaned the kitchen. I had a large bowl of stuff to go to the compost pile from dinner the night before and since I didn't have shoes on I asked my husband to take it out. Unfortunately, I didn't realize I'd accidentally placed my newly opened coconut with meat still inside next to the compost bowl so my husband took it out with the rest!

Needless to say when I went out hours later to confirm if that was really what happened to my missing coconut, I found a family of crickets, roaches, whatever (Ew!) had already taken up residence inside. (NOT that I would have used it!)

Later yesterday afternoon I did make Coconut Cream with the two remaining coconuts I had in the fridge. What I didn't realize when I opened them was that I didn't have any cashews in the house. I usually buy in bulk, soak in bulk, then freeze them in large zip lock bags so I have them ready to use at any time. I did have an overabundance of brazil nuts though. So I carefully peeled off all the brown skin and used them instead of cashews for the first time ever. I have to admit I don't entirly mind the taste. It's a nice change, nuttier than normal. I also used honey instead of agave so my normal coconut cream was quite different. However, I didn't blend it long enough and it's not as smooth as when I make it with cashews. I haven't decided if I'm going to try to reblend it for a smoother texture or just eat it as it is. I'm not sure I'll ever purposely make it with brazil nuts but then again, it is a nice change.