Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Morning "Coffee"

I used to love coffee. I was actually a little of a coffee snob. No Folger's for me, I wouldn't even allow my father-in-law to bring it in the house. I even had a fancy Francis Francis X5 espresso machine.

But when I went raw it was too much of a temptation so I gave my X5 to my brother and sister-in-law. After about a year I missed coffee so much I started looking for raw recipes. At first I used coffee flavoring with almond milk and other ingredients. That worked well enough until I decided coffee flavoring wasn't exactly raw and quit using it.

Over the past couple years I have found one recipe I love and one recipe I made myself. This morning I didn't have the ingredients for either so I just worked with what I had. And though it does not taste exactly like coffee it was wonderful and reminded me of the Granita I used to buy at The Mill in Lincoln Nebraska.

Aleta's Granita
Water from one young coconut
Small handful Brazil nuts (soaked overnight)
Half Banana
Honey to taste
1 Tbs Cacao
1 Tsp Mesquite powder
1 Tsp Maca powder
2 pills of Fo-Ti (take powder out of pill!)
Add lots of Ice and blend until smooth.

After drinking only half of what was in the picture, I made the silly mistake of sitting the wine glass down on the living room coffee table while I started working on this post. My beautiful 3.5 year old yellow labrador retriever, Navada, came over to snif it, I gave him a stern warning to which he turned around, under my legs, between the table and my chair, knocking my laptop backwards into my drink. Though my laptop didn't get wet, my camera did and I lost all my drink! Luckily there was still a half glass worth in the blender. That never happens to something that doesn't taste good!