Thursday, July 30, 2009

Headache and comfort foods

One day down, the rest of my life to go ;)

Yesterday I ate 100% again. (I think I need a better term for that.... I've heard people say "high raw" but doesn't that mean not quite 100%?.) And today I've done just as well. No drinking, no cheating, nothing that wasn't pure and full of enzyme love.

but... I have a headache. It must just be a coincidence because I wasn't so SAD that I should be detoxing. Maybe it's something with the airconditioning at work because I'm not the only one in the office with a headache today and they've been having troubles with the air today. Don't know. I do know my head hurts so bad I just want to crawl under the covers and sleep until tomorrow. Alas I have a 45 min. commute to get home and I'm not looking forward to it.

So when I eventually do get home I know my head will still hurt and I'll want to eat comfort food or just have a glass of wine to help unwind from this crazy day. Unfortunately I don't have any raw comfort food premade and I'm trying not to drink for awhile again. So I'll have a salad or maybe zucchini pasta and hope for the best. One of these days I really need to order me a 10 lb bag of hemp seeds so I can make my "Magic Brownies". I posted the recipe over a year ago on this blog and they are wonderful. Raw cacao, coconut butter, hemp seed, goji berries and a little maca and a dash of sea salt. I usually roll them into balls then squish slightly flat like a peanut butter cup shape. YUM! And they would keep in the fridge or freezer, well, I can't say forever, because they'd only last a week, tops, anyway.