Tuesday, August 25, 2009

80/10/10 is not for me - either! ugh.

I tried! I did. I seriously tried.

I was very good. It was pretty easy to stick to even. I didn't even cheat or have the urge to cheat on SAD foods. I was actually more raw than I've been in quite awhile.

Here's why I failed:
  • The sweet fruits really messed with my hypoglycemia. Bad. I'm talking I got the same reaction as when I tried the lemon cleanse. Shaky, irritable, headaches, confusion/fussiness. I can't be fuzzy at work and I can't afford to forget things! Let alone the irritable feelings. It was a little like drinking coffee when you don't do caffine. Just too much sugar for my system.
  • Not enough greens. I actually LIKE greens I realized. And I missed them because I didn't like all the sweet fruits on my greens. Once, twice maybe but not every meal. yuk
  • Craved fatty foods. Now I realize I would have gotten over that but I really missed my avos and nuts.
  • I missed making meals that actually resembled... meals.
  • My teeth felt - weak, I guess. After a couple week of eating mangos, bananas, blueberries, etc. they just felt wierd. Not to mention I woke with this weird/different scum on my teeth every morning. And because I've always dreamed of my teeth falling out I just couldn't emotionally handle the soft teeth thing.
  • Weird thing here and I don't know the reasoning behind my body - but I gained 5 pounds in two weeks and I swear I did not eat SAD or even nuts/fats. At least not in any amount that would cause me to gain that much weight. Could be a link between my blood sugar levels and the sugary fruits?
  • Just couldn't get over the "boring" feeling!
I must admit though that now I see raw foods differently. I am eating a MUCH lower fat raw diet than I had previously. I just didn't realize the fat and calories I was eating in those nutty, coconut oil filled meals and desserts.