Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Evening of Day 4

Yesterday afternoon I had to go to a working meeting at the Villa Montez in Tyler. Love the place, great atmosphere, amazing artwork and the food is pretty amazing too. They actually have several menu items that are vegetarian and even vegan, unfortunatley, only the guacamole is raw. But it's a great place to go and the owner is always there making everyone feel welcome and happy. Really, it's my favorite restaurant in town.

Back to yesterday. I knew I had to go for the meeting and I knew that more than likely I'd cheat a little. I am happy to report that I actually did okay. I kept the corn chips down to 12 half size or less peices and I only dipped in the salsa and a few small bites of guacamole. They had ordered spinach and cheese dip too and I didn't even try it, though it looked great, all I could think of was all that fat and cheese clogging my arteries. I did, however, have a cucumber mohito. Still, I'm not going to beat myself up for it that much. I had one drink and I ate just enough to satisfy my tastebuds and to feel part of the group but I didn't over do anything - and I am happy with that!

While at the Villa Montez I met one of the artists that has his work on display there. His name is Paul Silva and owns Fusion Metal Art Works It was great meeting and talking with Paul. He really encouraged me to start painting again. Thanks Paul!