Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Weekend Awakening - 80/10/10 90 day challenge

The other day I was looking for a book to read and for some reason I picked up my 80/10/10 book by Dr. Douglas Graham. I'd bought it when it first came out, read a (very) little and decided it wasn't for me. But this time instead of looking for answers I was just reading to read.

On Saturday I took it to lunch with my husband and I read him some of the basics. Over lunch we decided to buy more fruit than normal and see what happens.

I've been not only dealing with the alcohol issue but also a weight issue. Since moving to Texas I gained 10-15 lbs. I thought it was from not eating 100% raw and was constantly beating myself up for that. But the more I read Dr. Graham's book the more I realized how high in fat my raw diet was.

A typical raw day for me was this:

Breakfast: smoothie - 2 c nut milk (made with a handful nuts), frozen banana, 1 tbs each maca, mesquite, coconut oil, cacao, 2 Fo-Ti pills and 1 tbs of my vanilla bean/buckwheat powder. Sometimes I'd make a mango lassie or a pina colada but those were my staples.

Lunch: salad of mixed greens and spinach with a whole avocado, 1/2 cucumber covered with juice of one lemon, 2-4 tbs olive oil and a couple spritz of Braggs.

Snack: Sometimes I'd have a purchased raw bar or I'd make my own cookies, bars. When I didn't have the nuts I'd have a couple apples or oranges.

Dinner: Depending what I had on hand it could be a cucumber/avocado salad drenched in more olive oil, lemon juice, nama shoya and curry powder, or I'd lasagna type rolls w/nut meat, spirilized zucchini covered in cashew based rawfredo sauce - but basically all heavy meals to help me sleep.

Desserts: about every other week I'd make a raw cheesecake which of course is pretty much just nuts, coconut oil and a few fruit blended together possible with more cacao.

See a pattern here? Every single meal had tons of fat!

When I first went raw I was big into juicing. For the first year I was raw I ate very simple low fat high veggie foods and I lost 80 lbs. Then I got bored and bought a raw food (uncook)book. That's when I started buying nuts and oils. Before that I think the only fatty/oily food I had at all was avocados. Over the next few months I gained about 10 back and stayed there up until I moved to Texas - where I gained another 10. So I'm up 20 from my lowest point on raw. And I can tell you, beyond a doubt, that I felt better not just emotionally but physically when I was at 140 lbs.

At 5'8" 160 lbs doesn't look terrible on me. Doesn't look great either. I've been down as far as 130 after the birth of my second son and my family was worried about me being anorexic. I really am a big boned girl and I just look sickly at 130. But 140 I not only look healthy I feel healthy. So that is my goal. It's been my goal all along but by eating raw the way I've been eating not only doesn't help me lose weight I think I'm actually slowly gaining on it.

Which brings me to my newest challenge. I'm going to try to be 80/10/10 for 90 days! I started on Saturday, August 1st. I'm going to attempt (probably harder than the eating part ;o) to blog about it every day or so. Here we go!