Friday, October 30, 2009

No complaints - I'm still raw!

Last night on the way home from work I was starving hungry. Which was strange because I've actually been eating more, more regularly, all week. I was worried when I walked in the house I'd just grab something bad, like chips and salsa or a cookie or whatever. But I was good. I even started my kids dinner before getting to my own.

I made carrot curry soup because it was fast and easy. I didn't realize I was out of lemons though so it didn't taste like normal but at least it satisfied me! Yea!!! I'm still raw!

This morning I had a raw coffee. I can't remember which website I got the recipe off years ago but it's called a Rawbucks Coffee. I think I got it off a post of Anyway, it was amazing.

Lunch is again, a different story and I'm a little worried. I didn't make lunch to bring to work... and I'm leaving at 2 pm today to do some running around for work. I'm already pretty hungry. I think I'll go over to Papa Bill's Store (Azleway's little food pantry) to see what they have for fruit. Lately it's been pretty pathetic on the fresh fruit. During different times of the year we can get some nice fruit but usually it's a little on the ripe side and it's never organic. But at least it will be raw. I think when I'm doing my running this afternoon I'll grab a Rawsome bar from the Granery. That will help tide me over till dinner.