Monday, October 19, 2009

remembering what it feels like to be raw.

Had a good weekend. Ate raw all weekend and remembered what it felt like to feel great again! (Though I made guacamole with tomatoes yesterday which aggravated my Fibro/RA a little bit.) But overall I feel lighter and healthier again. It does also help that it quit raining and the sun finally came out for the first time in weeks. Was good to be out in the sun Saturday at the Edom Arts Festival and Sunday bathing horses. Fresh air, fresh raw food and warm sun on my face. Beautiful.

Breakfast today? Mangos, banana, cashews, dates, mesquite powder, coconut butter, gogi berries, cardamom and cinnamon - yum!

Brought lettuce, apples and a grapefruit for lunch with a kombucha.

I didn't cry for Sierra yesterday. First day I haven't cried since she passed away. But it was only because I promised my husband I wouldn't cry on Sunday. No promises for today though. Nearly cried on the way to work as it is. Found a hair brush in my car, was going to brush my hair with it when I realized I'd last used it on her the day she got sick. Smelled like her. Only stopped myself from crying because I hadn't even gotten to work yet and didn't want to ruin my make-up. I miss her so much. She was the sweetest, gentlest, most beautiful horse I'd ever had the privilege to care for. Worked with her 2 year old daughter yesterday. Frenchi will be a good girl but her head doesn't look her mom as much as she looks like her dad. Her butt though, is definitely her mom's!

Now, if I can just get in the mood for work... yuk.