Friday, October 16, 2009

Sierras Rojo Fox

This is my Sierra. She was my "Fuzzy Wuzzy". I got her when she was just a 4 month old weanling. I remember she was sooo tiny! Well, her body seemed tiny but her head was, well a head only a mother could love! I got a lot of razzing for her mule head. These pictures really don't do her justice but she did eventually grow into that head and was a beautiful girl. The sweetest, calmest mare - even in heat. She was nearly perfect - which is why I loved her so much.
We had the same personality. Lovable and stubborn. She do anything for you... as long as she really wanted to do it. My husband referred to her as the 'Grump-a-lump' because she really didn't like him riding her. I always said it was because he is a good 50 lbs heavier than me and she was used to my weight. (I kept it a secret she often grumpled with me too!) But she was calm and quiet. She liked chasing cows but enjoyed just a nice stroll through the pastures as well.

When I became a raw vegan I noticed my relationship with horses changed. I think my body lost the smell of meat and therefor I was allowed closer to them. I could be crazy but horses - even horses I've never met before - just don't act as... uncertain as they used to. It's like I'm allowed into the herd faster now.

Sierra used to love my breath. Especially after a nice spinach salad. I know that sounds crazy but it's true. When she was sick at the ranch I breathed on her and she didn't even react. Usually she would stick her nose in my face even more like she was looking for more. She also used to love leaning her head into me... a lot like our great danes. I used to hold her head when she was a tiny filly. When her filly was born two years ago, Frenchi ( a palomino roan ) she was also so tiny that she fit into my lap. Sierra would lay down in the hay while I'd hold Frenchi in my lap. That is the good memories. I won't go into the part about what a terrible mom Sierra was! I loved her but she'd just leave Frenchi in the pasture without looking back. lol Now... Frenchi has been a little lost the last couple days. She has been hanging out with our one yearling but thats about it. I went to give her a candy last night and she wouldn't come to me. I know she isn't holding it against me that I took her mother away. I know she doesn't think that way... but I do. I'll try again tonight. Maybe I'll eat a spinach salad too.