Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Doing Great!

I haven't posted in a few days and the reason is a little surprising.

I've been 90-95% raw without any trouble. My few blips consist of little things like organic chunky peanut butter on a banana topped with raw cacao/agave/coconut oil, vegetarian sushi from the grocery store or my (almost) nightly 1" glass of wine. I'm not feeling guilty about my little blips at the moment because I'm feeling that my brain has switched over to thinking RAW again. I know that at this rate I'll want to feel better and better and to do that I'll need to get cleaner and more raw so I know I'll get there again. No problem!

The other reason I've forgotten to post lately is really exciting! My rheumatoid pain has significantly diminished to nearly non-existent. Hooray! The swelling finally went down in my elbows for the first time in weeks, possibly months. My hands and feet are feeling-normal. Everything is getting back to normal it seems. My cravings for sweets and bread is fading, I'm bringing lunch everyday so I don't have to starve just to eat something quick and bad at home and I'm just feeling like my old self. The person I like to wake up to.

It's exciting to me that I don't feel worried that I'll stumble and fall back into cooked vegetarian again. It's just not in my thoughts. I think that's a good thing that my brain has reset.