Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Energy Soup - Thank you Ann Wigmore

On the morning of May 7, 2007 I threw myself into the raw food lifestyle. My life since then has not only been supremely healthier but happier. I don't deny that I've had troubles, especially this past year, but all in all I've considered myself a successful raw foodie since that fateful day.

In the time since I've been raw I've fixed Ann Wigmore's Energy Soup numerous times- a couple dozen at least. I've never made it two meals in a row, however and I've never made it multiple times over multiple days. As you've read lately, I've been really into soups. They are easy for me to make in the mornings to take to work and I know I'm getting a ton of food/enzymes the fastest and easiest way possible.

With all this recent experimentation with soups I have decided that the best and by far the easiest to make has been Ann's Energy Soup. I don't even make it the same everyday. Today was the first time I put tahini butter in it instead of an avocado and I really enjoy the difference. I've made it with sprouts and without. I've made it with more apple or no apple at all, with garlic and without, I've doubled the cayenne or substituted it with curry. My favorite addition has been lemon juice. I've replaced the seaweed with nori sheets or powdered spirinilla. I've loved some that I've made and had to choke down other versions. Yet each time I know that when it's time for lunch I will have a jar of PERFECT GREEN GOODNESS waiting for me. I'm no longer bringing bags of lettuce, jars of dressing and misc veggies in my purse only to be forgotten and go bad before lunch or worse yet, I'm not starving myself because I was too lazy to bring anything.

Now I know this isn't the exact recipe, but it's the one I can work with the easiest:

Handful lettuce - baby greens preferably

Handful dark greens

½ zucchini &/or ½ cucumber

½ avocado or 1 Tbs nut butter

½ peeled apple, papaya or watermelon

1 cup fresh sprouts (sunflower, buckwheat, mung bean, etc…)

2 tablespoons dulse flakes (may add kelp, nori, and other sea vegetables)

¾ cup Rejuvelac (though I don't often have it to use)

I also throw in herbs from my garden such as parsley, oregano, basil, etc.

A cup or two of water depending on what I want the thickness to be.

Sea salt to taste