Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Candy, Raw Soups & Tattoos

I'm happy and satisfied to say that I'm still 100% RAW! Yea!

Okay, ok - with the exception of Halloween. I did indulge in two small candies from my son's bag. I also had a cookie with purple frosting. I blame the frosting-it was my favorite color! At first I felt guilty for eating them but then I realized I was okay with my little bump in the road because I realized it was just that, a bump, not a major detour.

Lately, I've been eating a lot of soups. I'm not sure if it's because the weather here is cooling off a little and finally making it feel like Fall or if it's just because I know I can get more healthy raw enzymes into me without getting full or not liking the taste. Either way, the soups are working for me. The RA and Fibro are starting to back off again, I've lost the weight I gained after Sierra died and I'm feeling emotionally and physically back on track.

Recently I've made various versions of Dr. Ann Wigmore's Energy Soup. Yesterday I put juice of a whole lemon and an entire sheet of raw seaweed in it and that gave it a completely different taste! I'm not out of sprouts so I'm thinking tonight I'll go easy and make Carrot Curry.

Oh, I forgot! I'm getting another tattoo Saturday. I'm getting Sierra's name on my right wrist. Nothing crazy or inappropriate just a beautiful scrolly script that wraps all the way around. I wanted the dates but the tattoo artist recommended against it because I wanted them small and on the underside of my wrist where they might wear off. That's okay. I need to focus more on her life not her death.

Every time I get a tattoo or highlight my hair I wonder about my values. Here I am, living the life of a raw vegan, using natural cleaners in my house, DE for my pets, soap nuts for my
laundry, natural/organic/sulphate free hair products, chemical free deodorants and toothpaste, etc. and then I freely get inked or bleached. At least I admit that I'm an oxymoron.

Don't judge a Daisy because you think it should be a rose.