Tuesday, December 1, 2009

811 and detoxing raw cacao

Sorry I haven't posted lately. I've been on a roller coaster. For several weeks before Thanksgiving I was eating raw and almost unintentionally, I was eating 811. I started feeling amazing, losing weight and feeling better about myself-and thinking seriously about why I had troubles with 811 the first time I tried it.

Then, Thanksgiving came along. I made myself a raw lasagna but was out of several ingredients and the end result didn't taste as great as I'd hoped. Not to mention that after eating 811 I wasn't really interested in eating a lot of heavy nut meats. Instead of eating a nice salad or something I instead ended up eating mashed potatoes, wild rice and homemade mac and cheese. Though all vegetarian it was all a far cry from what I'd been eating the last few weeks. I also drank two bottles of wine with my husband over the weekend. Not my favorite red wines but the kind he likes, sweet and white and way too much sugar for my body. Friday and Saturday I continued eating cooked vegetarian out of... stupidity for lack of a better adjective. Over the holiday I managed to gain back all I'd lost and turn my healing body back into a trash can.

Yesterday (Monday) I started all over eating the way I was before Thanksgiving. I juiced in the morning, had a green smoothie for lunch and a perfect light spinach salad for dinner. Started today with an orange and coconut cream smoothie and just finished off another green smoothie for lunch. I'm already feeling better with one exception, I woke up with a headache and I still can't shake it. I even know why I have it. I ran out of raw cacao powder last week. About every other morning I make myself a raw cacao smoothie with bananas, nut milk, agave, mesquite powder and vanilla bean. Even when I'm eating vegetarian SAD I still start every morning with a cacao smoothie. Well, I'm out AND I'm seriously broke until the end of the week. No ordering any for me any time soon. So I'm detoxing the caffeine in the chocolate is my educated guess. Serves me right, I knew I was using the smoothies as an emotional crutch anyway.

PS- Saturday I'm going to Dallas. Or more specifically Irving. I'm going to a church to spend the day. I'm really excited about it. I've talked openly with my husband about going and mentioned it to my kids but not a soul else. The kids think I'm crazy and though Ron is always supportive of whatever I do he mentioned that he doesn't want to hear anything about it. Even thinking, briefly, of looking into a new church, of a new religion as a family is a huge step... but to do it alone, without my family-I worry if maybe I have lost my mind. But then again, the mind is the entire reason why I'm going.