Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chinese food mistake and Apparitions

I had to attend a working lunch today.

Usually it's at a very cool Latin restaurant where I've gotten to know the chef and he gladly makes me these beautiful raw salads (Shout Out to Carlos at Villa Montez, Tyler, Texas).

But today they switched the meeting on me and we met at a Chinese restaurant. I knew there wouldn't be anything for me to eat and I was correct. No lettuce on site and they wouldn't make me anything raw. My only choice was vegetarian delight. Since I was in a rush this morning I wasn't able to eat breakfast and was starving so I made the huge mistake of not only ordering it but eating it. Ugh! What a stupid, stupid mistake!!! My stomach is killing me and I have a headache (yea, yea, I know). I've been so good! I've been attaining 811 so EASILY this week and was feeling amazing. Looks like just green juice tonight to calm my achy tummy :(

On a positive note- I received a "call" from the other side. My soul aches to be reunited with that apparition! The sun, sand and salty waters will come to pass. Someday, This Life or the Next. It doesn't matter because I know it to be true. I miss you! <3