Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 4 of my Juice Feast and Starting Over

Thanks so much for everyone's encouragement! After something like two years of blogging I'm still not sure what to think. I blog for me but I also blog in hopes that my successes and failures somehow help others- but most of the time I don't really believe anyone ever reads me. Lol!

Sunday I woke up with a changed attitude. I was originally worried I would fail after a few days as I have been doing for the past year but this time it's different. I believe my attitude about my health, at least, has truly changed.

I've been oh- SO! good the past 3 days and I can feel the difference physically and emotionally. My joints are already feeling a little better throughout the day though the mornings are still bad. I am more positive about myself, more caring for myself. And, hey - I've even already lost about 4 pounds.

I'm most pleased about my changed attitude toward myself. I'm really trying to be nicer to myself. Instead of being angry at myself for failure I'm trying to encourage myself. I made myself a nice celery and apple juice last night when I first got home from work as a little cocktail instead of the glass of wine I wanted so badly (my new job, the job I thought was my dream job has possibly the worst boss I've ever had in my life - great job/killer boss=STRESS!). After I stepped in the house I knew I needed to unwind, relax and not let myself yell at my family and ususally that glass of wine is what does it for me. But something inside me told me to look in my juicing for life recipe book for something with "cocktail" in the title. I did find one but made one called Waldorf Salad instead. It was just what I needed. Fresh, cooling, relaxing and I felt amazing after. That experience was new for me finding another way to relax without the wine. I told my husband last night I'm thinking of giving up all alcohol for 6 months as I did when I first went raw. Those first six months I felt like another person and I want that feeling again. He thinks I should try for a month first and see how that goes. He may be right but wouldn't it be great to just quit all together?! Then again, I have nothing to share with him and friends anymore other than a glass of wine.

In another life I know I'm a hemp wearing, long haired, Earth loving, hippie type (without the drugs) like so many raw foodists I met in Sedona at the Raw Spirit Festival in 2007. I'd love to be that now! I'd love to live closer to the planet, create and sell my art and be in tune with the universe.

For now, though, I'm going to have to be happy being a cowboy boot, jean wearing, hopeful raw foodist trying to live everyday the best she can for herself and her family. I think I'm going to make a beet, carrot, zucchini juice for breakfast!