Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 9 Juice Feast & unsure what to think

Wow, what a long weekend.

Yesterday I was so tired from all the work on my garden Saturday that we just stayed inside cleaning house, doing laundry and hanging out. Well, it was drizzling. My muscles are still sore today. I'm am so terribly out of shape. I hate that. It's what I get for sitting at a desk all day instead of when I didn't have to work and I physically worked on our ranch all day. Weird to say I actually miss scooping chicken and horse poo.

It was nice yesterday to juice whenever I felt like it. I had 2 grapefruit for breakfast, green for early lunch a brown for late lunch and then another brown for a later dinner. Seemed I was always slightly dizzy though. I'm thinking my blood sugar might be starting to get off kilter. I hope not.

Also, when I got on the scale this morning I had gained back 2 lbs??? Why? Because I juiced 2 grapefruit? Or because I use too many carrots or is it the celery/apple juice I'm suddenly addicted to? I'm only drinking a large glass per meal. Or is it because I juiced spinach, carrots and an apple at 8 pm last night and then fell asleep at 9:30?

I couldn't sleep last night either. I kept drifting off only to re-awaken. At one point when I was laying there awake wondering why I was awake I swear someone tapped me on my right thigh four times. It was so real, so physical I thought one of my kids was in the room. Freaked me out. I thought then and still think now that it was a ghost trying to get my attention. Instead of getting up and facing it was I was so terrified I cuddled in with my husband instead. It's been years since I've felt a presence as strong as last night. So much for tapping into the spiritual plane.

So, this morning, off to work I go. I'm going to juice a small zucchini, beet, spinach and an apple, leaving the carrots for lunch. Shoot, maybe I should leave off the apple too. I need to read up on hypoglycemia and juicing. I wish I knew who I loaned my book "Fire Your Doctor" by Andrew Saul to. I guess I'll just have to go to his website after I'm done posting.

Have a great day everyone!