Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day Eight and Feelin' Great!

Today is day 8 of my originally planned 8 day juice feast and not only am I feeling terrific but I've decided to continue for another week.

My rheumatoid arthritis is still hanging on in my hands and feet but the rest of my body is feeling welcome relief. I'd like to say that the rest of my body is completely healed but I can't quite say that... at least not yet. I believe that a complete cure will come again, though more slowly, for my entire body-including my hands and feet, through continued juicing and staying 100% raw. I see that as an Absolute Truth for me now. Autoimmune diseases are nothing to mess with and as much as I want to believe they can go away forever, it's not that they disappear, it's more that they are kept away by a magical force field of GREEN!

I've seen a drastic change in my sleep patterns. I've been a lifelong insomniac. When I went raw originally in 2007 my insomnia disappeared completely. The past 6-9 months it had crept back into my life. The past 4 nights I've fallen asleep easily and awoke refreshed just before my alarm goes off. Two mornings I awoke laying on the same side I fell asleep on!

Lets see, what else has changed....
Oh, yea. Emotions.
This is a good though difficult change. I've experienced so many emotional changes going raw and staying raw for those first two years. Many of them unexplainable and certainly unexpected for me. Reading my old blog posts will prove that, I'm positive.
I experienced more emotional changes this past year when I was only partially raw. I'd describe those changes as feeling edgier, more stressful and more susceptible to anxiety all the while less.... lovable. I realize the 1,100 mile move away from family and friends, the bankruptcy, the major downsize in our home quality and my need to now work full time had a lot to do with that stress and anxiety but I honestly believe that if I'd managed to stay raw during that first year I would have weathered the storm better. I'd also like to note that this past year I'd become measurably less Earth Friendly. Though I knew better in my heart and soul I just didn't seem to care.
In the past week I suddenly started recycling again without any real reason other than I just felt like it. There have been more difficult emotional changes that I don't want to go through just yet. Thinking about that I remember there is a book that I've been wanting called Raw Emotions by Angela Stokes-Monarch.

Oh, and lets not forget I've lost 10 pounds. One-third of the way back to the weight I was when we moved to Texas, one-third of the way back to how great I felt, inside and out, when I was 100% raw.

Ok, now for the good stuff. I came home from work Friday and my hubby and son had built us(me) garden boxes. Yesterday we planted 4 of the 6 3'x3' boxes but first it took us all day to layer our lasagna gardens to prepare them for planting.

The layering went as follows:
Layer 1. Lay 20 sheets of newsprint or 1 layer of brown corrugated cardboard directly on the ground (grass, weeds, cement, whatever). Wet down with water and dust with bone/blood meal. ((A quick note about using Blood/Bone Meal: I'm NOT sure how I feel about this. I know I DON'T like the idea of it, I DON'T like using it and the whole thing makes me slightly uncomfortable.... yet I used it because that is what the garden shop told my husband to use and therefor that is what he bought. I could have, and now with hindsight, should have gone back to the garden center and expressed my preference for something animal friendly. Then again, my husband and boys still eat meat and I'm the one that prepares it for them so I really can't argue this point too much. It's just recently become more of a personal feeling for me.))
Layer 2. Add 2-3 inches of Alfalfa (not hay or grass and then grass and hay will grow but alfalfa will not). This is the Green Layer. Dust again with the bone/blood meal.
Layer 3. Eight inches of brown fall leaves, straw, shredded newspaper. This is called the Brown Layer. Compact with your feet until crushed down at least by half, water down and again dust with bone/blood meal.
Layer 4. This is another Green Layer. We used our entire compost pile of fruit and vegetable scraps, tea bags, (you could use coffee grounds if you have them), seaweed, old horse or cow manure, etc. A good portion of this had not turned to compost yet and was still just looking like a pile of lemon rinds, pineapple tops, etc. This is fine (or at least that's what I was told-I'll let you know!)
Layer 5. We then topped our kitchen compost with 3-4 inches of purchased organic cotton bur compost.

We then simply planted a few purchased seedlings and more seeds then watered heavily. I got to tell you, it was weird digging a whole for some transplanted cilantro and finding a half rotten grapefruit. My husband asked if it will change the taste of the cilantro..... I'll let you know ;)