Sunday, February 28, 2010

Raw Spanish Slaw

Ok, I hadn't eaten all day as I was still feeling full from yesterday at Raw Bliss. About an hour ago I finally got hungry but just wanted something light so I went out to my just barely up garden and found a few spinach leaves and a ton of cilantro. In the fridge I found 6 cherry tomatoes, celery and cabbage along with carrots (which I've grown tired of since all that juicing). I looked for an avocado but no luck. It's possible this would be even better with a half avocado.

All measurements are approximate as I NEVER measure anything ;)

1 C thinly cut Cabbage
1/4 C thinly cut Spinach
1 thinly sliced Celery against the grain
Fresh Cilantro leaves, whole - I use a lot, maybe just less than 1/4 C
6-10 cherry tomatoes thinly sliced into circles

Marinate the above "slaw" for an hour in:
Juice of 1 big lemon or 1-2 limes
Cayenne pepper to taste
1/2-1 tsp olive oil (though this can be left out)

This is enough for 1 person as a meal or two people as a side.